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‘Wild Hastings’

As a part of Photohastings photo-season I have produced the following three images for a show that will go up in Hastings Railway Station from November.

To learn more about the photo-season, visit www.photohastings.org

The resource images for these images were captured on a sunny day in July on the walk that runs from the end of Tackleway to Barley Lane on Hastings’ East Hill. The leafy lane has the semblance of being ‘wild’, though it is set in an environment created by the actions of people, of walkers, over many years. I have great affection for this green passage, it is a brief respite from the visual arrest and intervention of roads, traffic and architecture.

The method of construction that I have engaged with in making these images, gives them a technical or scientific appearance. It was my intention to make these patterned, ‘fractals’ from the outset. I deliberately did not want to make a ‘straight’ representation of the place but to intone that even the most ‘wild’ of places in our natural environment is in an altered state, a construct.