Fine art practice

This work is a development from still image-making into moving-image.

I have attempted to form a method of photographic image making that is performative, that refers to photography, that uses photography but that does not constitute  a photographic record of what is represented. All of the following pieces are a discourse on the nature of the process. They move from referencing drawing to commenting on montage in cinema. 

I have made moving-image pieces, which are represented here by still frames. The moving images do not form a narrative, as happens in cinema but return to the image in a loop, repeat or reverse. They are photographs that move. Movement is part of their meaning, though, their real meaning is that they are transcriptions from written text and always refer to it and not what is visually represented.



Microsoft Word - Failure and Success June 2015.docxMicrosoft Word - Failure and Success June 2015.docx