Photographic files

The photographic practice with which I am involved revolves around both still and moving image. Still images are commercial practice, stand-alone and integrated into graphic design. Moving image is a fine art practice that is developed separately.  In the photography section the drop-down folders contain both current and historic photographic developments. I work on three discrete strands of practice; commercial still-life, personal still images and fine-art moving image. I also co-ordinate the Brighton Photo Biennial Fringe Hastings. In co-operation with Brighton Photo Biennial Fringe we have grown a fringe for Hastings, St Leonard and the surrounding area we are offering photographers support for showing work and professional development.

SPARROW ON ROOF : The following image is taken from a small photographic album compiled by an elderly lady living in a Victorian house in Croydon, South-London. She owned a Box Brownie on which she took pictures of the cats having tea parties on the back lawn of the house and the flowers in the garden. This image, of  a sparrow alighting on the roof of the bay window below the window of her flat does what photography does best, capturing detail and more than that the detail of a moment. She has hand-coloured the shot with loving care for a photo-show that few would ever see.